I grew up in Scotland and as both my mother and grandmother were open to anything fey, I was never laughed at when saying that I saw things that others did not see or felt that I knew something was about to happen.

A Tarot reading from a remarkable man in Glasgow in 1976 started me on this magickal journey and I bought my first Tarot deck, though it was put aside for some years when I married and put my energies into raising my two children. For the past 15 plus years I have been free to fully follow my own spiritual path, and Tarot has enriched my life, both in the joy of discovering the many beautiful new and vintage decks, and also in the wisdom gained through reading the cards, for both myself and others.

I read Tarot professionally, as well as having a “normal” day job, and I also collect decks, periodically selling the overflow on eBay when my bookshelves can take no more! I have listed  my decks, and am open to offers, either to sell, or to buy any interesting decks you may have. Email Tarot readings will also be available. Most of all though, I look forward to hearing stories from other folk, about what Tarot means to them.