September 18, 2019

Can the Future be Predicted?

For thousands, of years humans have sought to know the future. To grasp a sense of where they are headed and what is likely to befall them; be it good or ill. Looking for signs and omens in the clouds, in the leaves that fall from the trees, in the feathers that scatter the ground. Using shells and stones, wood and bone; the list of methods is endless. But can it work? Is it all nonsense or is there truth behind all the ritual and mystery?

I spent many years convinced that the future is impossible to predict, because it has still to happen. What I did today, influenced what will happen to me in the future. There seemed little sense in believing that the future was something static, something fixed, that I could, with the right tools, tap into, and discover what lay ahead.  Tarot’s main use, as I saw it, was to determine and understand what was happening to me right now; to uncover what may be hidden in my own subconscious and in the actions of those around me. To learn more about myself, my place in the world, and in that way control, to some extent, what the future was going to be. Now I am not so sure, that it is as simple as that. The older I get, the more I learn, the less I know. That seems like a paradox, but I believe it to be the truth. In the arrogance of my youth, I felt confident that everything could be known, and under my control, whereas now I feel so much more chilled about everything, readily accepting that what I think I “know”, is only the tip of the iceberg!

To get back to the original question, can the future be predicted? I still believe that the future is not written in stone; that it is fluid and that we have the free will to direct and change our lives. If not, then what is the point? Surely, we are not on this beautiful planet, just to play a part in something that has already been decided. Actors on a stage, participating in a drama written by an outside source? Though I do believe that certain things are meant to occur, and that we probably cannot avoid them; that Fate, the Universe, God or the Goddess, (whatever your personal belief is), does play a part and does have a plan for us, but that we do have a say in how our lives progress, and even more importantly how we react to what is happening to us. And so yes, I think that the future can be predicted…to a point. I think of a predictive reading to be more like a weather forecast than a definitive statement of fact. It is true at the time; the cards or the runes can foretell what is likely to happen, given the current situation, at the time of the reading. But just as there can be a sudden change in the weather, a surprise storm coming in from the Atlantic, actions that we or someone else subsequently take, possibly as a result of that reading(!) may dramatically change the outcome!

Supposing you came to me to enquire about the result of an interview for a new job that you were about to go to. The cards were drawn, and it looked fantastic. The Six of Wands was screaming success, and off you went, happy and reassured that you would make a good show of yourself at this interview. And this was true at the time of the reading. You did have the right skills for the job, all the signs were there that you were the right person for that job. But…. you were so confident in the news that all would be well, that you changed your plans. You had originally intended to spend the evening prior to the interview, researching the company, checking your interview clothes were clean and suitable, googling the directions on how to get to the venue, and having an early night…… Unfortunately you went out drinking with your pals instead, got home late, slept in, turned up at the interview hungover and 15 minutes late… and guess what …. you didn’t get the job after all! Because you changed your future!

Forgive the simplistic example, but I do hope you understand what I mean. I do think that predictive Tarot and Rune readings can be very helpful and informative. As guidance, a suggestion of what may be in store for us, and so a chance to avoid a particular outcome, or to make sure it comes to pass. The danger is in handing over all responsibility to Fate, for our future, our actions, and our ability to be proactive and not merely reactive, in our lives.

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