December 2, 2019

“Do something to overcome an obstacle you are facing”

Another response to those “optimistic” thoughts for the day!

Unless you are undertaking training for an obstacle race, then that’s the kind of advice that can be intensely annoying, especially if you are feeling low, and have absolutely no idea of how to overcome the obstacle, or indeed how to summon the energy to even begin to tackle it. Presumably if you could just “do something to overcome it”, then it’s not really been much of an obstacle! The problem with these sickeningly cheerful, and hopelessly optimistic kernels of pop psychology, is that they seldom offer any clue as to how these wonderful results can be obtained.

Obstacles are part of life; sometimes they cannot be overcome or even avoided. Perhaps a better idea is to consider why the obstacle is there? Is it even an obstacle? If something is blocking you from doing something, could there be a good reason for this? Perhaps you are heading in the wrong direction and the obstacle is preventing you from going further down the wrong road? Be proactive rather than reactive. There you go……I’m now making the trite statements! Take life by the throat, shake out all the cr*p that is slowing you down, and always be on the look out for new opportunities. Keep things fresh, decide to do stuff because you want to do it; to improve and enhance your life, and not just as a reaction to the status quo!

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