Tarot Readings

Although involved with Tarot for many years, I started reading professionally in 2002 and have read at spiritual fairs, local shops and in my own home. I currently read online and this has proved to be very successful. For me the best outcome of any reading is one where you, the querant, feel that you have regained control over whatever area of life has been troubling you. I don’t judge people or their situation, and of course my readings are completely confidential.

Reading Tarot, for me, is like translating a language. There are so many factors such as knowledge of the cards, a touch of numerology and astrology, and the relationships of the elemental attributes of the four suits. The thing that binds it together is intuition; the “knowing” which is the right interpretation of those cards at that particular time for that particular person and situation. I also use Witch’s Runes as another divination method, and these are particularly good for short concise readings.

I will be offering readings online through this site, so please do check back later! In the meantime, if you would like to purchase a reading, please contact me and I can give you my Paypal details.

Tarot Guidance Reading £40

To help you discover the truth about your current situation with a clear and insightful reading focusing on the energies surrounding you and the choices to be made. This reading can be very helpful if you feel you are at a crossroads in your life, not certain about which way to turn. I usually pull 9 cards and will provide a photo of the spread with my interpretation. You can choose which of my decks you would like me to use.

Relationship Reading £40

What are the strengths, the weaknesses and the expectations in your relationships? This could be either a personal or a business relationship. What will be the likely future of this relationship? You can choose which of my decks you want me to use and I will provide a photo along with my interpretation

Simple 4 card reading £20

The current situation, it’s cause, what you must do and the likely outcome. I will use one if my own decks or one of the digital decks. Please let me know your question or which area of life you require guidance on.

Old Year New Year £30

A 6 card reading ideal for the end of one calendar year and the beginning of the next. No question required,  as this spread will focus on the following: What you must release from the Old Year, what  you must keep from the Old Year, lesson learned from the Old Year, what will go well in the New Year, main obstacle to be faced in the New Year, and advice from your guides for the New Year.

Yule Blessings Reading £25

Yule celebrates the darkness of Winter reaching its peak and the coming of the light, the return of the Sun. This 5 card spread is a spiritual pick-me-up, a reminder to look at what’s good in life and what should be appreciated, and how we can bring light and love to those around us, including ourselves. This can be general, or it can be tweaked in response to a question or topic. Just let me know at the time of the reading request. Although particularly relevant at the end of the year, there is no reason why this cannot be used at any time!

Witch’s Runes Forecast £30

Using my hand made Witch’s Runes I will take a look at what the next 6 months will bring. All I need to know is which area of life you wish me to focus on. e,g love, finance, work, spiritual development etc.

Witch’s Runes Reading £30

A reading to determine what you need to be concentrating on right now, and why. I use my hand made runes and will send you a photo of the spread along with my interpretation.