September 18, 2019

What are the Witch’s Runes?

Witch’s Runes

The Witch’s Runes, although a comparatively new method of divination, are based on ancient Pictish symbols. There are thirteen runes, with easily recognisable symbols that are simple and easy to get to grips with, and so are particularly useful for those beginning to use divination methods, as well as seasoned readers. There is an excellent book by Susan Sheppard, in which she explains the Witch’s Runes and gives instructions on how to make your own. I make and sell them, periodically on eBay, and will also offer some for sale on here, at a later date. Do contact me in the meantime, if you want any further information on how to make your own runes or to buy some. There are many ways to cast the runes and I have included two simple methods below.

One Rune Reading

Relax, think of the question you require answered and draw one rune. Simple and to the point!

Three Rune Reading

Again, relax, clear your mind other than what you seek guidance upon and draw 3 runes from the pouch.

First rune can denote the recent past, relevant to what is happening now.

Second rune depicts the present, the central issue.

Third rune shows the possible future, the likely outcome of events.

Sun     The Sun Rune symbolises vitality, masculinity, life-force, protection, beginnings and wealth. It can also indicate the disclosure of secrets as all is revealed in the light of the Sun. Being in the spotlight, the centre of attention, acclaim.

Moon   This Rune symbolises cycles, femininity, subtle changes, dreams, and illusions. As things can be obscured in the light of the Moon, it can indicate a lack of information, of things being unclear.  Secrets, a need to delve into the past.

Flight   This Rune indicates movement, urgency, a time to take action, travel. It also heralds communications. Emails, letters, phone calls, news, unexpected visits.

Rings   This Rune symbolises connections between people. Marriage, friendships, business relationships. The circumstances causing two or more people to connect. Reunions, meetings, parties, gatherings. A love of luxury, the fine things in life.  

Romance   This Rune symbolises passion, sexual attraction, love. It can indicate any strong bond between people and can also describe a passion for a hobby, work or project. Any act of creation. What is it you desire?

Woman   This Rune can indeed simply indicate a woman or women who are important to the querent. It also symbolises traditional female qualities, nurturing, feeling, comforting, healing, teaching.

Man    Again this Rune can represent a man or men who are relevant to the question being asked. It also symbolises traditional male qualities of courage, control, fighting for what you want, discovering new things, being proactive.

Harvest   This Rune speaks of good fortune coming your way but importantly this is not due to luck but to your own efforts. It symbolises abundance, growth, security, a time to reap what you have sown.

Crossroads   This Rune indicates challenges, a blockage, something or someone is trying to thwart your progress. You may need to devise an alternate strategy to proceed. Conflicts, misunderstandings can be overcome by strength of will.

Star       The Star Rune stands for hope, optimism, a belief and trust that you can achieve what you are aiming for. Following your dream, taking a chance. Going after what you want, being prepared to work for it. Good fortune or a gift bestowed upon you.    

Waves   This Rune symbolises the emotions, intuition, imagination, spirituality and is closely connected with the element of Water. It indicates a time to delve deep into the psyche, not the time to make snap decisions.

Scythe   This Rune tells you that something needs to be cut from your life, a person, a relationship, a situation, a habit, a way of thinking. Something needs to go; something is no longer good for you. Death or fear of death, danger, a sense of foreboding.

Eye   This Rune indicates a need to observe closely what is going on around you. A time to analyse, research, explore. An awareness of your situation. On a spiritual level  it can symbolise the “third eye”, a time of increased psychic awareness, a developing of intuition.

These meanings are given as a way to get you started reading the Witches Runes – they have only scratched the surface! As with all divinatory methods you must develop your own relationship with them.



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