December 3, 2019

“Write down 3 specific things that have gone well recently…”

And the last of the “optimistic” thoughts for the day that I couldn’t resist putting my spin on…

Okey dokey…. that seems simple enough. My first thoughts were why only 3 things, and why only what went well? No doubt if I was asked to list 3 specific things that totally sucked it would be just as beneficial, if not more so, and probably easier!

Go on… have a go…. pen poised over paper, or fingers over keyboard…. what has gone well for you recently? Why not try both…be a rebel.  I dare you!

Writing can be very therapeutic, but it seems that writing in a daily journal has fallen out of fashion. Perhaps it has been replaced by commenting on social media, though somehow that isn’t quite the same. To comment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, is to invite an audience, to actively call for a response to what you are saying, and because of that, I suspect that most people will tailor their comments, dilute them, so as not to offend or alienate “followers” lest you pay the price of being “unfriended”!

To keep a private journal, to write down your own thoughts about what has happened to you, whether good or bad, allows you to express how you really feel about it. No restrictions, no limitations, no censorship; say it how it is.  The words can remain forever private; you can destroy what was written, if you really cannot bear the thought of anyone else reading it. But you have voiced these thoughts, transformed what was abstract and intangible, to something concrete and substantial. Then you can celebrate and cherish the good things, whilst acknowledging, then releasing, the bad things.

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